Spring Summer US 2017 Page 586 Safety

586 Order by 6 p.m. for Same Day Shipping PHONE 1-800-295-5510 EYEWASH STATIONS PORTABLE Be prepared on jobsites without proper water supply. Pressurized stainless steel tank delivers constant 15-minute flow. Twin spray heads. Flip-top dust covers. Wash contaminants from eyes, face or body. Water Preservative - Add to prevent bacteria and algae for 6 months. Meets ANSI Z358.1-2014 Includes: Eyewash unit, 6' PVC drench hose, inspection tag and water preservative. SIGNS Clearly mark eyewash locations. More information, page 548. INSPECTION TAGS Attach, record and track inspections. Heavy-duty, 15 mil vinyl with 3/8" metal eyelet. Cable ties included. SOLD IN PACKS OF 25 Keg Hand Truck sold separately. See page 409. See uline.com for more information and instructions. Quickly wash contaminants from eyes or body. SHOWER/EYEWASH Meets ANSI Z358.1-2014 Includes: Emergency sign and inspection tag. WALL MOUNT Flush eyes quickly and gently with this permanent station. Twin spray heads. Flip-top dust covers. Built-in filters for clean water. Plumbing required. Recommended for machine shops, labs and janitorial closets. Meets ANSI Z358.1-2014 Includes: Eyewash station, emergency sign and inspection tag. Turn any faucet into an emergency eyewash station. Single faucet with easy pull-knob. Flip-top dust covers. No plumbing required. Recommended for schools and laboratories. FAUCET MOUNT EYEWASH STATION MAT Quickly identify eyewash stations with this highly visible anti-slip mat. High traction, fast draining surface. Durable chemical- resistant PVC. Twin spray heads. Flip-top dust covers. Combination drench shower and eyewash bowl in one. Plumbing required. Recommended for factories and warehouses. MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION WT. (LBS.) PRICE EACH 1 2+ H-5101 Shower/Eyewash 39 $675 $650 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION BOWL DIAMETER PRICE EACH 1 2+ H-5457 Wall Mount 11 1 /2" $199 $189 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION HEAD DIAMETER PRICE EACH 1 2+ H-5100 Faucet Mount 1" $85 $83 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE THICKNESS PRICE EACH 1 3 6+ H-2915 Eyewash Mat 2 1 /2 x 3' 7/8" $107 $103 $99 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE H x W PRICE EACH 1 3 5+ S-17343V Vinyl 10 x 7" $10 $9 $8 S-17343P Plastic 10 x 7" 17 16 15 S-17343A Aluminum 18 x 12" 30 28 26 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION CAPACITY PRICE EACH 1 2+ H-5458 Eyewash Station 15 gal. $1,049 $999 S-21107 Water Preservative 8 oz. 13 12 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE H x W QTY./ PACK PRICE/PACK 1 3+ S-21108 Vinyl 5 3 /4 x 3 1 /8" 25 $44 $40 Stainless Steel versions, see uline.com

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