Spring Summer US 2017 Page 517 Drums, Pails & Containers

Shipping Supply Specialists PHONE 1-800-295-5510 517 DRUM PUMPS Dispense liquids from drums without spilling a drop. STEEL Recommended for thick, non-corrosive, non-flammable cleaners and oils. Chrome-plated steel. PLASTIC For corrosive chemicals, acids and salt water. Not for use with solvents or flammable liquids. STAINLESS STEEL Recommended for kerosene, solvents and aggressive chemicals. Type 304 stainless steel and PTFE. Includes grounding stud. *FDA COMPLIANT H-1235 H-1553 H-3864 FITS DRUMS ELECTRIC DRUM PUMP ROTARY DRUM PUMPS PLASTIC For water-based solutions, waxes and detergents. Polypropylene with PTFE seals. STAINLESS STEEL For acids, harsh chemicals and fuels. Type 304 stainless steel with PTFE seals. Simple, one-motion dispensing for quick liquid transfers. H-5647 H-4377 40" reach below drum lid DRUM FUNNELS SAFETY POLY POLY - Transfer non-flammable liquids. Lockable. Polyethylene resists dents and corrosion. Removable screen filter. SAFETY - Quickly and safely transfer flammable solvents, oils and thinners. In case of fire, lid automatically shuts to extinguish flames. Brass tube with flame arrestor protects contents from external sparks. 18-gauge galvanized steel funnel. Lockable. H-5648 H-3865 EPA AND OSHA COMPLIANT. FM APPROVED. FM Approved Pump, see uline.com Flip a switch to quickly drain acids, solvents and detergents. Empty a 55-gallon drum in 3 minutes. 5' discharge tube. 1/2 HP, 6.3 amps, 115 Volts. 8' cord with on-off switch. Type 316 stainless steel with Teflon seals. Excellent corrosion resistance. E-cigarette liquids - Use High Viscosity Pump, see uline.com 35" reach below drum lid MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION FITS CONTAINER FLOW RATE/ STROKE FITS NECK SIZE REACH BELOW DRUM LID WT. (LBS.) PRICE EACH 1 3+ H-1235 Steel 15 - 55 Gal. 22 oz. 2" 37" 5 $32 $29 H-1553* Plastic 16 oz. 3 73 67 H-3864* Stainless Steel 22 oz. 5 109 99 MODEL NO. MAX. VISCOSITY FITS CONTAINER FLOW RATE FITS NECK SIZE WT. (LBS.) PRICE EACH H-4933 1,000 cps 15 - 55 Gal. 17 gal./min. 2" 18 $679 MODEL NO. FUNNEL DIAMETER x H FITS NECK SIZE CAP. (GAL.) WT. (LBS.) PRICE EACH 1 3+ H-5648 10 x 8 1 /2" 2" 1 2 $25 $23 MODEL NO. FUNNEL DIAMETER x H TUBE LENGTH FITS NECK SIZE CAP. (GAL.) WT. (LBS.) PRICE EACH 1 3+ H-3865 11 x 10" 6" 2" 2.6 8 $239 $229 MODEL NO. DESC. FITS CONTAINER FLOW RATE FITS NECK WT. (LBS.) PRICE EACH 1 3+ H-4377 Plastic 15 - 55 Gal. 8 gal./min. 2" 4 $99 $89 H-5647* Steel 10 gal./min. 12 459 419 *FDA COMPLIANT

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