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Shipping Supply Specialists PHONE 1-800-295-5510 571 WAREHOUSE GLOVES INSPECTION GLOVES DOT KNIT PVC dots give superior grip. Breathable poly/cotton material. Ambidextrous with PVC dots on both sides for twice the wear. Machine washable. SPECIFY COLOR: Black Red Blue FOR GLOVE MEASUREMENTS: Measure around widest part of palm for size. Ladies': S (7-8") Men's: S (7-8"), M (8-9"), L (9-10"), XL (10-11"), 2XL (11-12"). COTTON Keep sensitive products clean from fingerprints and smudges. Form-fitting for easy movement. NYLON Low lint for extra-clean product inspection. Prevents smudges and fingerprints. DELUXE NYLON Lint-free ultra fine for the most sensitive inspections. Seamless nylon is reversible. FITS LIKE A GLOVE! DELUXE NYLON NYLON 100% COTTON 100% COTTON *Men's only NYLON Fingerless and one-sided, see uline.com COTTON JERSEY Keep hands clean while handling warehouse materials. 8 oz. heavyweight. Lined - Slip on for cold weather. 14 oz. LATEX COATED STRING KNIT When you need a better grip. Thin latex coating over knit cotton liner. For maintenance, packaging and assembly. STRING KNIT Economical gloves keep hands warm while working in the warehouse. Use alone or as liners. LINED *SPECIFY COLOR: Brown White S-17200: Men's only MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE QTY./ PACK PRICE PER PACK 1 3+ S-6778 PVC Dot Knit S, M, L, XL 12 Pair $9 any pack quantity MODEL NO. SIZE QTY./ PACK PRICE/PACK 1 3+ S-17931 S, M, L, XL 12 Pair $13 $12 MODEL NO. SIZE QTY./ PACK PRICE PER PACK 1 3+ S-7891 Men's, Ladies' 12 Pair $6 any pack qty. MODEL NO. DESCR. SIZE QTY./ PACK PRICE/PACK 1 3+ S-812* Jersey Men's, Ladies' 12 Pair $13 $12 S-17200 Lined Jersey 25 23 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE QTY./ CTN. PRICE/CTN. 1 2+ S-16909 40 Denier Nylon Men's L, XL 12 Pair $11 $10 S-16908 40 Denier Nylon Ladies' L, XL S-19882 Deluxe Nylon S, M, L, XL 12 Pair 11 10 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION LENGTH SIZE QTY./ CTN. PRICE/CTN. 1 5 10+ S-7892 Light Weight 2.5 oz. 9" Men's, Ladies' 12 Pair $7 $6 $5 S-19283 Jumbo 9 8 7 S-17932* Light Weight 2.5 oz. 14" Men's or Ladies' 12 Pair 10 9 8 S-15384 Medium Wt. 3.5 oz. 9" 11 10 9 S-19284 Heavy Wt. 5.5 oz. 9" 12 11 10

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